forstner glass+ acts as a general agency in Europe for North American products, mainly for the glass facade and building industry.

All products are innovative and new in Europe. They are unique in their kind, internationally patented and value lasting. They are environmentally friendly and conserve energy. They are impressively simple and therefore cost-saving for both processors and consumers.

forstner glass+  provides comprehensive service and consultancy in its industry.

forstner glass+  connects stakeholders from industry, trade and commerce in its industry

Eco Coat Protection System

The intelligent surface protection for your quality product.

This product is a patented coating system, which protects temporarily surfaces in production, during transport or installation processes - for up to 2 years.

The water based liquid polymer is applied by spray or hand applicator which dries within a short time creating a clear film-like barrier also making the surface non-stick. After a 24-hour curing process, the layer reaches its full strength and also protects against stronger mechanical damage.

The application can be done either automatically or manually. In either case it is quick and easy.

The protective layer is removed by conventional cleaning methods. Standard glass cleaner dissolve the coating and allow a complete removal to be disposed in the ground or into sanitary drains.

Eco Coat is eco-friendly.

Eco Coat is the affordable alternative protection to conventional plastic films, which cover surfaces with only limited success, and disposal is hazardous to the environment.

Eco Coat is a 'green' solution preventing  damages the insurance and construction companies do not want  to pay  which often develop into constant battles with your own customers and an unnecessary burden your staff.

Eco Coat reduces damages and protects values.

Eco Coat has proven particularly useful in the construction industry. Windows, cladding and glass surfaces are perfectly protected against mortar contamination, surface scratches, and even helps protect against metal grinding and welding spatter. The interior of a building is still lighted naturally and windows and doors can be opened normally. The temporary protective coating is removed during the building's basic cleaning. Calcium residues cannot cause burns and cleaning companies no longer need to use a razor scraper which often leads to scratched glass.



The intelligent façade system


A new kind of parts, developed in direct response to modern needs of:

VS1 is valuable and sustainable. The system is a point of attachment in its purest form. The U-value at the glass element is equal to the U-value of the façade. It is convincing also from the interior by its minimalist appearance.

VS1 changed the pattern of thinking by a new aesthetic. The overall impression is not disturbed by horizontal bars and chopped. Thus 50% of the metal components can be saved. The posts disappear behind the glass joint.

VS1 offers all-glass windows that can be integrated in the facade without any external frame. All glass corner designs, installation of all standard doors, integration of glass canopies and the use of VARIO-glass elements are solved architecturally pleasing. It allows direct connection of exterior  shading systems and creates an intelligent building skin.

VS1 makes glass balustrades a continuation of the facade beyond the roof plane. With a standard set of parts also challenging intersections, nooks and additions can be solved technically cut clean.

VS1 triggers fire protection problems and integrate electronic components in the glass element.

VS1 redefines the glass curtain wall facades, is affordable and –

                  it looks great! 

Mies would be pleased ...