Helmut Forstner has a technical education. His first contact with the facade construction industry dates back to 1975, where he was working on behalf of BUG Alutechnik in the assembly of the aluminum cladding of a 9-storey building in the Opera Passage / Vienna in management positions.

As an engineer (design and installation supervision) at the steel construction company Filzamer/ Vienna, he oversaw the large project Donauzentrum in the late 70's.

His subsequent career took him into the glass industry.  For 12 years, he managed the sales department of special machinery for Peter Lisec GmbH/ Hausmening. During this time he could build an international network of renowned companies worldwide. More than 1,000 customers around the world were supplied with the latest technology for the production of insulating glass and glass processing. Through extensive travel, he met countless companies, having their strengths and their problems.

Mid 90's he took over general management of Eckelt Glas GmbH, a subsidiary company of Saint-Gobain, Paris. In 15 years, he could expand the company to 3 times the size and establish itself in the the world of glass façades. His responsibilities included all the glass processing and processing plants of Saint-Gobain in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Italy. As a supplier to all major international façade manufacturers and as a problem solver for complex glass constructions, he not only learned about the international project business, but also the problems of small construction sites.

His involvement in the Association of the Austrian glass industry has been honored with the award of the title 'Kommerzialrat' by the Chancellor of Austria.

He could underline his experience in the sale of industrial plants and in the manufacture of complex functional glass with several international patents.

This knowledge combined with the personal relationships in the glass-, façade- and construction industry, builds the basis for the company.

The company's name indicates the actual activity. The glass façade and construction industry, but also related or product-specific market segments are served. The + sign represents the added value of the company's products, and also the cross-industrial activity. forstner glass+ stands for honesty, reliability and value creation. Its products should help the customer to gain business benefits and improve his market position. The customer’s success is also the business success of forstner glass+.